18 bus stops have been installed in Ma’an Governorate as follows:

- One bus stop at Ma’an Orphanage Center.
- Two bus stops at King Abdullah school for Excellence.
- One bus stop at Al Shafa Bint O’uf school.
- One bus stop at Ma’an Municipality.
- One bus stop at Al Zahra’a female dorm.
- One bus stop at Operation & Maintenance Directorate.
- One bus stop at Um Salma school.
- One bus stop next to Al Shaweesh Establishment.
- One bus stop at the first exit to Ma’an/Desert Road.
- One bus stop at the second exit to Ma’an/Desert Road.
- One bus stop after the bridge towards Aqaba/ Desert Road.
- Four bus stops at Aqaba Railway Corporation.
- Two bus stops at Al Mraigha school.

8. Installation of Security Cameras for Ma’an Association.

16. Celebration of the Grand Arab Revolution centennial.
17. Finance an exhibition carried out by Ma’an Secondary School for girls to educate and spread awareness among the local community regarding health risks associated with smoking.

19. Supporting Ma’an Folklore Band to participate with the Jordanian Community in Tabouk/Saudi Arabia in celebrating the birthday of his Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein.
20. Furnishing Ma’an Islamic Cultural Center with Computer, Printer, electronic Screen & Satellite system.

21. Purchase and Distribution of blankets during winter to poor families in Ma’an through Jordanian Society for Family Care Association.

22. Supporting Ma’an Governorate Teachers’ club in buying athletic uniforms and covering their expenses which resulted from their participation in a tournament held in Aqaba.
26. Supporting Ma’an Folklore Band to arrange for a festival in Ma’an under the patronage of Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court, Dr. Fayez AL Tarawneh, to celebrate the inauguration of his Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein.
Ma’an Branch 2017 Memorial 2017 Activity for the late Dr. Taraweneh achievements at the Ma’an Culture Center for 150 Doctors from all over Jordan that visited Ma’an to participate in this event.



Shams Ma’an Company sponsored the Eid Holidays Annual Breakfast at Ma’an Social Club. As usual & every year Shams Ma’an sponsors this Eid Activity as part of the traditional heritage in Ma’an & local Ma’ani food is served. Many people attended the event including Ma’an parliament Members & Government Officials.

Shams Maan provided a complete PV system for “Ma’an High school for Girls” that helped in reducing the Electricity Bill for the School by 80% where the savings will be used for different school activities